01 jaanuar, 2022

December - Lulu breaks her knee

 Our December spent in treating Lulu. So, Lulu managed to break her back leg knee cruciate ligament on the evening of 26th November. Next day we went to the vet clinic where the suspicion of this diagnosis were put. We managed to get to the orthopedist already on the 29th November who confirmed the diagnosis. Doctor said that the only cure is operation, that was planned on 14th December. So 2 weeks we had to wait for the operation, during witch Lulu got quite used to the bad knee, even to the point that she managed to jump on the bed...!

Operation went well. On the evening of the operation Lulu was confused and in pain so there was lot of crying and complaining. 

 next day she still felt very bad, but was using already the operated leg.

The second day she started to feel better and already on 4th day after the operation she wanted to play.

01 detsember, 2021


 Lulu agility training on 23 Nov 2021

orr enjoys the pillows!

When we had guest and we ALL went on a walk!

Orr amuses time to time Lulu with a little play!

on a psychic session :)

01 november, 2021

September-October 2021

23 September Lulu got 1 year old. As a birthday present she got new toy and both dogs got a bone :)

Orr enjoying his bone:

Little Lulu squeezed in with Orr to the same bed:
 Cuteeeee Lulu:

Orr got new be, but everybody was trying it first:)
Lulu with a new toy in her new bed:
Lulu really really wants to play with Orr

 Pärli discovering Lulu.

When we had friend over 

21 september, 2021

6 months of Lulu agility training

We started our agility training with Lulu from March (she was 5 months) once a week, 2 months later we added one more training to a week.

She has been excellent student, I do not train home enough but somehow she still knows what to do :) In handling, she also have to learn how to read my mind, cause Im not very clear :)

For now we try simple handling, finally she does tunnels, we are in the medium high of the see-saw. and our running dog-walk is low plank. 

Here are some videos from our training.

Here is 2 months agility training (04.05.2021), one of the first times outside and trying to do multiple obstacles:

14.07.2021. Already 4 months of training behind us:

25.07.2017. See-saw training:

15.08.2021. Another see-saw session:

31.08.2021. Handling:

19.09.2021. 6 months training and starting the weaves channel method.

Also, our running contacts have gone on the actual dog-walk part :)

We are having so much fun with Lulu at the agility! We both LOVE it!

11 september, 2021

Lulu RallyO competition 04-05.09.21

 Lulu made her debut in rally obedience. Although she is still quite young and not maybe quite ready to compete.  The biggest obstacle for us was new field + not enough candy :)

Judge Irina Popjonoka


1. course. 

-1 p from 2. sign - pulling leach.

-1 p from 3rd sign - sniffing

-3 p from 4th sign - leash...sniffing

-1 p from 5th sign - sniffing 

-5 p from the 6th sign - sniffing the cone and when exiting then she was sniffing the place where previous dog was peeing. I have to pull..

-10 p from 8th sign, didn't go straight to lay down.

-3 p from 11th sign (step to right) - touch the dog

-1 p from 12th sign - she moved from the sit a bit.

Final result 75 points.

2nd course.

This time start eas very good and first 2 signs also. I should have give her treat on the 2 sign.

-10 p from 3rd sign - was over trying and went to lay down instead of sit (she did not get the treat last time for sitting :)). also was sniffing and needed to repeat after the lay dow..so it was a mess :)

-5 p from 4th sign - sniffing

-3 p from 6th sign - sniffing a lot

-5 p from 7th sign - ???

-3 p from 8th sign - sniffing

-3 p from 9th sign - touching the dog? 

-3 p from 12th sign - looking around 

Final result 76 points.


1. course

-3 p from 2nd sign - sniffing

-3 p from 5th sign - repeating the order

-1 p from 10th sign - ?

-5 p from 11th sign -got carried away with the running :)

Final result 88 points :) That was the 3 results in RK-1 class over 70 points and from now we are eligible to compete in RK-2 class

2. course

-5 p from 2nd sign - ? not enough step on the right?

-3 p from 4th sign - ? slow?

-5 p from 6th sign - the lay down in the end was a mess.

-3 p from 8th sign - going in front in the spiral

-3 p from 10th sign - not very clear stand

-3 p from 11th sign - didn't sit

Final result 78 points.

If you take into account that Lulu is 11 month old and has not train a lot in new places and it was first competition then we are happy!