20 detsember, 2020

Training 19.12.20

Training in the hall. First we did 8 mins on trainings session that had maybe w mins of training, rest was play. And then Lulu could play with a good friend!

09 detsember, 2020

Welcome to the family Lulu

In mid November we welcomed to our house a little wheaten terrier girl Lulu. She came to us from Finnish kennel Rumbelbuffin. Her official name is Rumbelbuffin Do You Wanna Dance. Unfortunately due to the COVID situation I could not bring her myself. We had hep from a Finnish vet student who was travelling to Tartu. I am endlessly thankful to her that she did a extra effort and sacrificed her comfort and sleep hours for little Lulu.

She was such a little thing, only 3.1 kg when arrived. With first 2 weeks she has gained over 1 kg weight and is growing fast. 
Outside was too cold for her so we went for clothing shopping :)
She is very adorable little character. She is brave and very curios. Adapts fast with new noises and environments.
She has already been at the vet, groomers salon and training hall.  

Also she is learning all about going on the walks to the streets. When she is alone then she is more cautious than on the walks with Orr.
Talking about Orr, Orr do not let her too close. After first couple of weeks Orr started to be more relaxed, that made Lulu only bolder with the play invitations. 

I try to have 1 or 2 training sessions every day with her. She really likes to learn and have fun with me. It is mutual feeling :)

22 juuni, 2020

One eyed dog

Orr became an one eyed dog recently. This was very sudden change for us, as everything developed quite fast. Here is the story:

10 May we went to a forest walk with seemingly well dog. He had lots of fun.
On the next day, 11th May, I noticed that he squinting one eye a bit. 
I was thinking at first that he managed to get something in the eye from the forest walk. By the evening he started to shake the head excessively as there would be something in the ear as well.  

On 12th May I went to the vet to get an infection medicine for the eye and the ear. 

After a week of putting the drops, there was no change what so ever, the eye was even worst, if anything. So we went back to the vet on 19th May. Orr had developed a glaucoma to this point. We got painkillers as it was obvious that the dog is suffering with the eye. We also got an appointment to the eye specialist. 

10 days before the eye specialist appointment we ran out of painkillers, so the effect of them was clear. As soon as he was off from the painkillers, the eye squinting was back on. On 30th May we were back to the vet, who said that we shouldn't wait for the eye specialist appointment in their clinic, but go to the other clinic who also have specialist working there.We got an emergency appointment for the next day, Sunday as the regular appointment times were all full for 2 weeks.
The same evening we had another adventure. A small male was crawling under the gate to our garden and Orr and him had a fight. It was pretty scary site. I managed to drive the small male out from our garden (ha is a loose dog that I have seen walking alone before). Fortunately, there was no serious injuries, except bleeding of the mouth of the small male. Orr was unharmed. 

Next day, on 31 May, we went to the eye specialist. Who measured that the pressure of the eye is very high (37) and discovered that he has changes in the iris of the eye, that has caused the deformation of the pupil and also the high pressure and glaucoma. We got drops for lowering the pressure in the eye. And next appointment in 9 days to have x-rays for the lungs and blood sample taken. 
Waiting for the next appointment it was clear that the new eye drops do not work also. The eye was still very gray and white part red. 

On 9th June we went to get the thorough examination. 
He had to go on slight anesthesia for that. The blood results were very good, as well as the x-ray and examination of the lymph. But the eye pressure had gone up 100% more, being 64 now. And the diagnosis was the same - melanoma of the iris. As the medicine did not work at all, then we decided to have the operation to remove the eye as soon as possible in order for Orr to get the healing process started.  The operation was scheduled for the very next morning!

On 10th June, I took Orr back to the vet for another anesthesia and the operation. 
5 hours later I went to get my little pirate back.
He was very confused all the rest of the day. But he had good appetite and very nasty diarrhea. He did not slept most of the night, just stood.

11 June, 2nd day. He slept during the day a lot now. Mood is relatively good. Slept all night in our bed. 

12 June, 3rd day. Very restless all day. Needs attention and caressing and closeness ALL the time. Wants to sleep ON the human and can sleep ONLY when being as close as possible :) Night was also restless. Searches for missing family members from everywhere. 

13 June, 4th day. Desperate need for care continues. He did not want to move. I think he was to scared to bump into something and get even more hurt. I guess the wound was hurting a lot in those days. I tried to offer closeness but also to encourage him to move around. For the second day he do not go on or down from the bed, or the stairs on his own. I guess again, there is the problem with the cone and looking down. 

14 June, 5th day. More active. Already wants to spend some time outside. Can sleep independently now. The wound has been very dry and nice so far. But brownish-bloodish liquid started to come out from the nose. Just some drops I noticed on the floor in the evening. Slept calmly the entire night (close to our faces still)! 

15 June, 6th day. Still more active, but still wants closeness. The eye has become extremely litchi now. As soon as my hand is close to the eye, he wants scratching. Even more of the brown stuff coming out from the nose. Still countable with drops. Talked with the vet about it. She said little is okay. But the swelling has reduced a lot now.

16 June, 7th day. Swelling even less swelling today. Still drops coming out from the nose. And the eye is still litchi. Do not want closeness so much anymore.

17 June, 8th day. Last day with painkillers. Already goes to bark outside. And it seems that he has got used with the cone. There was some drops still coming in the morning. Almost all of the swelling has gone.  

18 June, 9th day. No swelling anymore and didn't seem to be very sensitive nor litchi when touching. A bit of stuff from the nose still. 

19th June, 10th day. In the evening, we removed the cone! He was very happy about it! 

During couple of next days he become totally back to himself. Sleeping alone and do not come into your lap. Playing and being happy!

08 oktoober, 2019

Tagadi rally obedience exam 06 Oct

Our official debut in Rally obedience in Tagadi Dog training area. 2h drive from home.
judge was from Latvia, Irina Popjonoka.

1. course. RK1 (beginners class).
Didnt went all that well. Fist element was sit-stand, Orr went quickly to lay down before I could say anything :) (-1 point). On the fourth element I was not clear on the side that he should take to come to heeling position (-3 points). Next element - again anticipated the lay down (-3 points). And i think I made 4 steps instead of 3. Then in the spiral he wanted to sniff and in next element the siting was very slow, but this was overlooked by the judge. In the very last element, he got lost in his mind and was too far (-1 point). All together 92 points. 

2. course. RK1 (beginners class)
Overall nice because i was taking more into account his situation. He was slow and on the fifth element he came very fast up from lay down (-3 points). All together 97 points and permission to move on to the next class :)

He was slow in his sits and wanted to lay down because of some kind of leg problem, that emerged in the morning a bit and was worse at the exam actually. I´m not sure what happened, but when I examined the leg, he did not show any pain..but just in case we are going to checkup to the clinic.

07 oktoober, 2019

Goodbye Glenn :(

Sadly just a month after Glenn 13th birthday we had to say  a forever goodbye to our sweet Glenn.  It was not an easy decision but it was the easiest way for him! We will miss him !!!
 4 years old
 Dion´s Wheaten Glenn
19.08.2006  - 28.09.2019
Baltic Winner 2008
Estonian Winner 2007
Estonian Junior Winner 2007
Baltic Champion
Estonian Champion 
Latvian Champion 
Lithuanian Champion
Baltic Junior Champion
Estonian  Junior Champion
Latvian Junior Champion
Lithuanian Junior Champion
Agility class-3 
Obedience class KK-2
Character test 172 pts

Glenn came to us on Friday, 13th October 2006. 
From autumn 2007 we started agility training. Glenn was always the good guy - he tried to please very hard. He absolutely loved all other dogs over everything until he was 2.5 years old - then he became "a grown up". Ever since then he`s family was the most important for him - after that comes other dogs. More then anything else, he loved to play with me.
Obedience training belonged to our lives from April 2008.

2009 we participated in character test, where the judges were amazed by the nature of Glenn http://nisukas.blogspot.com/2009/05/iseloomutest-240509.html
In trials he always gave his 100%!
Glenn was a dog with the patience of the elephant :) He tolerates almost everything and little bit more from children and puppies. He loved to make people laugh.

He was truly loyal and always ready to protect me. But he was definitely not aggressive - he didn't hurt a fly - literally :) He liked to be with us and do everything with us - a perfect family dog!