06 February, 2023

Nosework progress

 After the very first seminar about nosework (16th Dec ´22), we did 6 sessions at home. Then, on 20th Jan ´23, we had 2nd seminar about signaling. After that we have done 3 sessions that include signaling. Video of the last one is below:

I started with 3 jars and then moved to 5 (first time). She has been doing a great job, little confusion on couple of times is okay. 

She enjoys it so much!

31 January, 2023


Without the doubt, the biggest thing in January, was improving her health. She got a Lubravisc injection to the knee (artificial joint liquid) + 1st shot of Librela, to get the knee pain free on 12th January. Already next day I saw the change. She was so playful and active. 100x more than before...and I thought that she grew up :) She also got 2x laser treatment for the shoulder and knee during January. AND we got green light from the vet and physiotherapist to try agility again! This is huge! 

My little goofball - pain free!

But when my little girl had high fever Lulu guarded her closely! She has such a sweet heart!

09 January, 2023


In the light of not being able to do agility, but Lulu still needs some activity, then we went to try a new field for us: nose work. 

The first introductory seminar was in the mid December, where I learn about nosework as such. We started to recognise a scent - chamomile. Lulu showed a great enthusiasm for it. So I decided to keep the practice up. By now we have done 4 sessions in home and reached to 7 jars. 

Lulu do not indicate the scent yet. This is added soon :)

Here is a video from our last training session:

31 December, 2022


 In December we got the MRI results back. The operated knee has a meniscus injury :( witch is Plus little injury in the left elbow, that could be easily repaired. So as a result, Lulu will not do agility any more. I feel very sorry because she really really loved it. 

30 November, 2022


November went by by sleeping and sitting weirdly :) Actually after the rest we went back to agilty where she started to limp. So I went back to the clinic where MRI for all paws were performed in the end of November. Waiting for the answers...

31 October, 2022


 Autum walks:

In the beginning of October Lulu started to limp in agility training...after second time we went to the vet. Who put Lulu on the pain meds and resting for 1 month. So no training but lots of sleeping :) 

30 September, 2022


First half of September was very difficult to Lulu, the lost of Orr, heat, and the III fear period combined. Lulu was very edgy and searched for Orr. She went often to is grave. 

Then she was spending a week with auntie Merit and Labrador Vici, Rottweiler puppy Alfie and a grumpy cat Simmo. 

She had great time there - she got spoiled. Got to go to forest all the time and was not left alone at all! Excellent way to get over bad times!

When she got back home she was much happier doggy!

And we could celebrate her 2nd birthday!!!

Playing with Pärli:
Back to training!
Back to being also an coach potato :D