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First half of September was very difficult to Lulu, the lost of Orr, heat, and the III fear period combined. Lulu was very edgy and searched for Orr. She went often to is grave.  Then she was spending a week with auntie Merit and Labrador Vici, Rottweiler puppy Alfie and a grumpy cat Simmo.  She had great time there - she got spoiled. Got to go to forest all the time and was not left alone at all! Excellent way to get over bad times! When she got back home she was much happier doggy! And we could celebrate her 2nd birthday!!! Playing with Pärli: Back to training! Back to being also an coach potato :D
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Competitions in September

 We participated in 2 competition, both were on the same weekend. First Agility on 3rd of September in Viljandi. Lulu was in A0. In first course she got 2x refusal, because didn't wat to go to the jump (2. place). Second course was clean (1. place). All together 2. place. On the next day, 4th of September, we went to compete in Rally-O . It was second competition in RK-3 class. Unfortunately Lulu had her heat started some days before this. She was allowed to participate but she had to wear pants. She was unfortunately very distracted and she was even sniffing witch is completely because of the heat. Still we struggle to keep the work motivation without the treats. She got only 33 points. We did not finish the second course.

Goodbye Orr!

  With deep sadness we had to say goodbye to Orr on 1st of September 2022, we lost the 2.5 year long battle with cancer. It started with one eye (may 2020) and ended with the other eye, meanwhile taking over your brain and lungs... Orr, Orru, Orrukene! After we had your hopeless diagnosis in the last days of May, I asked to have more time, at least until the end of summer, I thought. I wanted to celebrate your birthday and give you some good times and mostly, give myself time to get used to the idea of you being gone. Although, you gave me exactly 1 summer, 3 months, an I thought that I was prepared for this, it was still very very hard to say goodbye. It still hurts... You were my teacher, my soulmate. You had the presence of an royalty. It is hard to overestimate your impact to my life. Rest in peace, my Orruke.   Tombstone of Orr


 We went to the sea to swim. Lulu was a natural swimmer! Lulu and Pärli! Friends: Orr on a walk: All my small ones sleeping on a hot day :) Beautiful Lulu

Agility competition in august

On the last weekend of august we went to Pärnu to an agility competition with Lulu. It was 2 day event. Judge was Emma Broberg. 1DAY 1. course. Lulu ran passed from a jump, which cost us time and -5. Speed 4.24 m/s and 3rd place. 2. course Lulu did a clean run with speed 4.81 m/s. She do not like to go far from me so she runs with my speed :) 2 place. All together we got 3rd place. 2DAY 1 course. Clean run with speed 4.63 m/s and 2nd place. 2. course  DSQ, I wanted to gain a bit of distance but she passed the jump and by the time I called her back she went already in the tunnel.  Altogether 4 place.

Rally competition in August

 20.08.2022 we went first time to compete with Lulu to RK3 class. In RK3 class there is right sided handling and 1.5 minute stay. It was Luluś 4th official competition. So how we did. Not as good as I would have hoped. Judge Karin Lassmann. 1. course.  We got:  7x -1 - all the little looking around :) 4x -3 - all the longer looking arounds :) 1x -5 (in spiral) 1x 10 (at a sign that I thought went very well, but i did not checked the sit and i think i started to move before she actually managed to sit). Sorry for this mistake. And -10 for not staying put...that was expected cause I had not practised it before. And as it turned out then the fact that i was not moving was very confusing for Lulu.  All together 56 points. 2. course. It started out quite good, but then she ran out of was  a real stuggle to get her moving and all the minuses we got from this lack of cooperation - because she do not sniff, bark, do not do a wrong move, she just looks around :D).  5x -1 6x -3 4x -5 An

Wheaten terrier tattoo

 In the middle of august i got an tattoo representing all my wheatens. Based on my own drawing that is based on their photos: