21 September, 2023

Unofficial agility competition, 11.09.23

 The opportunity presented itself and we grab it. Not planned unofficial competition. It was the last event of the competition series in what we participated in May. 

Still in the A0-A1 class, we did 2 courses. I was happy to see built confidence in Lulu! 

In the first course we were 3rd fastest (all sizes counted in) (clean run) and on second course 2nd fastest with clean run. I have video from second course:

Overall we were the only medium participant and therefore got 1st prize :)

After the jumping courses, we had a "surprise course". Where the bars were down and no size classes. All tougher 12 dogs and for our surprise we won!

31 August, 2023


In August we were playing, sleeping and training. But also we watched Finnish championships in Rally obedience. 


28 August, 2023

Rally-O competition 19.08.23

 In the second half of August we went to try again in rally obedience competition. 

This time near Tallinn (in Keila), judge was from Latvia, Peteris Akimovs.

1st course. Lulu was doing well. Just one sign she went to down when not supposed to. I felt very good, because Lulu had good mood until the end. The course was quite long and in the end she did get tired. And reversed steps were not successful :). For my big surprise we got only 67 points. Lost -10 from the steps back and -5 from the sit-stand-sit, where she laid down. But then we got 3x-3 with little mistakes and -9 from 1 point deductions and I'm not sure actually what the judge disliked.. Even when I looked critically then I have no clue where about 7 points were lost. But anyway this was just surprising, but i was still very happy of Lulu.  And in the end it was 3rd result so we got to posed on the podium :)

2nd course. Lulu were more tired, but the same in a very good mood. So she jumped up, I was happy that she was concentrating on me. One point the judge was very close, then they had a bit of staring competition :) In the end, Lulu was extra distracted because the previous competitor (dog) :) was pooping in the bushes on our right, that was still smelling there very strong! So Lulu tried to avoid going to the poop direction. All in all, I know that we were fooling around this time and did not expect any good results. Got still 63 points...im not sure if I would have gave us that much :) Still it was 3rd result.

Here we are posing in the award cermony!

08 August, 2023

Agility competition, 05.08.23

Finally Lulu entered in a official agility class! A1 jumping - two courses. 

It was an exam and the judge was from Latvia: Lidia Belyaeva.

Because it was Lulu first competition, she had to be measured. The judge got her just under the limit for small large class - so she could compete in medium class (max height is 43 cm). But we need to measure in the two coming competition to confirm the size.

1. course: It was a dog friendly course and good to start with. Unfortunately I over-handeled the entry to the slalom and totally under-handeled the last obstacle. Therefore 2 mistakes = -10 points, and it seems that we lost around 7 seconds to repair the mistakes. Therefore, speed 3.99m/s. But Lulu was enjoying herself a lot!!!

2. course. I thought that I need to trust Lulu more. She was more enthusiastic and more confident, I think! Great.  Again in one point I pushed Lulu to miss the jump, -5 and over 3 seconds to repair this mistake. I also think that she fell in the last tunnel. At least it sounded like this. Overall speed 4.48 m/s.

 The next competition is planned in October, until then we have time to train the contacts and confidence ;D

31 July, 2023

June and July

Well, in June and July Lulu had to spend 3 weeks with my parents, because we were travelling in USA. First half of June we were competing, but the second half of the month and most of the July she was resting from all training and were just a very kissable couch potato :). 
She enjoys coming to the bed in early mornings!

Family portree!

12 June, 2023

Agility competition, 11.06.2023

Before the big summer vacation (also for the dog), we participated in agility competition in Vastse-Kuuste, still in A0 class (Judge Marko Visse).

1. course: Lulu was knocking down 2 bars, and one with the wing of the jump. Unfortunately this gave us DSQ. We still were running to the end (if not DSQ then we would have got 2 refusals).

2. course. We did a clean run :)  I really liked how Lulu felt good enough to go to tunnels and some jumps quite far! I was very happy with Lulu! The speed was 5.38 m/s, 1st place.

The award ceremony was combining the 2 courses, so we were 2nd :)

08 June, 2023

03.06.23 Obedience competition

Again in Rally competition. Same judge, different location.

This time I was left puzzled. Lulu had very good mood overall. But she was confused, distracted. 

1st course:

Did not wanted to stand, lots of repetition (-5). I managed to stumble (-1). Did not want to come in front but went around instead (last week it was the opposite..hmm?) (-5). Did not go down on cue, tried again, but this time came up too early..(-8). Stopped walking (-3). Looking around, going around (-5). 4x either scratching, too far, looking around (in total -6). So we had 4x-5p :( We were left only with 67 points. 

2nd course.

Here from the second sign I lost my mood, because she again had issues with coming in front. I did not did it again, like I should have (-10). In this course I did many mistakes that was very costly, on sixth sign, I took extra step (-10), also did this on ninth sign (-5). That is basically 20 points lost because my simple mistakes. In addition Lulu was distracted and got in total -10 points cause of this. So in the end  we had 65 points left.

General worry was that the did not wanted to be on my right side. She went in my back. Especially she sis not want to sit on my right. I suspect that her knee is painful again. She was doing the same thing in the autumn, because her bad leg is her left, so it is next to me when she is on my right...I have appointment very soon with her to the vet. We will check.