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In May we visited again lot of different places with Minne. For example, supermarket. And we walked quite a lot to the kindergarten and back to bring or take Pärli. Also she got lot of attention from the other kids in there :) We had multiple birthdays and the doggos were very happy about it :) Minne lost her last milk tooth the day before her 6 month birthday. I started to worriy already because the big tooth was becoming quite big.  The we went to Saaremaa. It was first trip with ferry for Minne. We enjoyed the ride! In Saaremaa Minnie meet for the first time with Grace. All went well. We had some doubts because Grace is quite old and usually not too into new dogs.  My two adorables :) Minnie got to practice ball play a lot. Beautiful Lulu! Back home they needed to rest from the long weekend:) Collected ALMOST all the balls for the dogs in the household :) And on 24th May Minnie got 6months old. She went to the big poodles salon and got a new haircut.  And to celebrate, Both got chur
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Match show, 4 May

On a beautiful Saturday morning we went to Match show organized in Tartu to get a bit of experience in the dog show standing and moving.  Match shows are dog show like events, but the breeds are not important. Also mixed breed are allowed. There are 7 different classes: puppies (4-11 months): small and big separately, grown ups (1-8 years): small and big separately, veterans (over 8 years): small and big separately, and mixed breed class. The competition works in a way that in every class 2 dogs enter in a ring based on their number and the judge is giving them either blue or red ribbon. After all the dogs are judged, all the blue ribbon dogs get into the rings and 4 best is chosen. Same than for red ribbons. The competition ends with a Best In Show ring where winners of all the classes (blue and red ribbons) in  goes together. So you'll have 4 puppies, 4 grown ups, 4 veterans and 2 mixed breed dogs together. And from the 14 dogs 4 best are awarded.  I had no memories of going to m


April started with the vet visit, where Lulu was examined. The knees were inflamed and we got 2 weeks on Cimalgex.  Meanwhile Minnie did some physiotherapy :)  Synchronized sleeping Cuties! Minnie discovered the trampoline: Sometimes she is the table decoration :) She got new friend Olivia..Olivia had fantastically big ears to pull her from :D After the game was time for the April grooming :) Lulu was quite okay while the painkillers were on, but the day the 2 week of pills ended, she was unhappy and in pain again :( Hopefully relief will come soon. In the second half of April the whether went cold again. Little lapdog needed a jacket and warming in the lap :) Minnie got another friend - Lexi:  Regularly we have been picking up Pärli from the kindergarden Minnie got more experiences with lots of people, dogs and noises:  In the cafeteria: In the city: Minnie got 5 months old: Sleeping examples: Lulu got artificial joint liquid shots to both of the knees. Cross your fingers that it help