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In May we visited again lot of different places with Minne. For example, supermarket. And we walked quite a lot to the kindergarten and back to bring or take Pärli. Also she got lot of attention from the other kids in there :)
We had multiple birthdays and the doggos were very happy about it :)
Minne lost her last milk tooth the day before her 6 month birthday. I started to worriy already because the big tooth was becoming quite big. 

The we went to Saaremaa. It was first trip with ferry for Minne. We enjoyed the ride!
In Saaremaa Minnie meet for the first time with Grace. All went well. We had some doubts because Grace is quite old and usually not too into new dogs. 
My two adorables :)
Minnie got to practice ball play a lot.
Beautiful Lulu!

Back home they needed to rest from the long weekend:)

Collected ALMOST all the balls for the dogs in the household :)
And on 24th May Minnie got 6months old. She went to the big poodles salon and got a new haircut. 
And to celebrate, Both got churpa - that Minnes breeder suggested for chewing. 
But they also got first time taste for  a BBQ corn! They liked it!
In the end of may, Bianka had a bring your pet day in the school. She did nice poster aboutt the doggos and dogs got lots of attention!