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01.05.23 Agility competition

 After 8 months we tried to compete again. This time in unofficial AgilityNonStop Cup. Where we took part in a combined class A0/A1 jumping courses. Natali Happonen was designing the courses and Ingrid Sats was judging. I took this event as training.

On the first start she came around the jump...old classics :) But other than that she was happy. Second course was better. Overall she is still really attached to me. Not that much in the training. 

The third course was a agility game where you had to send the dog around 4 cones, and tunnels between every cone. I was trying to get some distance. At first it worked but then I got sloppy. Overall it was fun!

Here are videos of the runs:

As we were only medium dog then we got 1st place :)