01 jaanuar, 2022

December - Lulu breaks her knee

 Our December spent in treating Lulu. So, Lulu managed to break her back leg knee cruciate ligament on the evening of 26th November. Next day we went to the vet clinic where the suspicion of this diagnosis were put. We managed to get to the orthopedist already on the 29th November who confirmed the diagnosis. Doctor said that the only cure is operation, that was planned on 14th December. So 2 weeks we had to wait for the operation, during witch Lulu got quite used to the bad knee, even to the point that she managed to jump on the bed...!

Operation went well. On the evening of the operation Lulu was confused and in pain so there was lot of crying and complaining. 

 next day she still felt very bad, but was using already the operated leg.

The second day she started to feel better and already on 4th day after the operation she wanted to play.

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